Most common problems are listed in the Services page along with prices.

Paisley PC Doctor operates a no fix, no fee policy.

If the problem can’t be identified or fixed, then you don’t pay anything. The Paisley PC doctor wouldn’t have it any other way.

Free estimates are always provided- if you don’t wish to continue with the repair, there is no charge.

Usually a fee can be agreed in advance (after a brief phone conversation or a quick inspection).

Where this is not possible (if for example the cause of the problem is not immediatly obvious), an estimate will be given based on the suspected fault. No work will be carried out without your fully informed consent - NO SURPRISES- EVER!!

There are occasions where only a very short visit is required. In these occasions, a small fee of £10 - £20 is charged.

The prices are very reasonable- if you are unsure- just ask.
There is no obligation to have the work done, but you might as well explore your options

Some common tasks have a fixed fee for easy estimating. Examples are:

Full PC Service £40

Service involves cleaning up virus, spyware, corrupt system files, installing antivirus, antispyware, firewall, software updates etc.Click HERE for details

Complete Rebuild £40

On some occasions, the best thing to do is wipe the hard drive and re-install windows and all other software for a clean start. The installation of drivers and appropriate software is included in the price as well as setting up of your internet access again. Your files will of course be backed up first so you shouldn't lose anything.

Phone or email to discuss or to arrange.