Norton Internet Security - My opinion

Norton Internet Security Basically- I'm not a fan of Norton Antivirus/Firewall!!

Don't get me wrong, they do protect your PC from hackers and Viruses, but...
The problem is that both REALLY slow down your PC and are a ball and chain to even high spec PC's.

The "Experts" in PCWorld would have you believe that you really need it- and they pressure people into buying it- but only because they have targets with incentives to sell it. It simply ISN'T a good product.

When servicing/repairing PC's, I almost always remove Norton from the PC and immediately, the PC is far more responsive and usually many wierd, faults/gremlins dissapear.

If you have Norton on your PC, you should consider removing it. Dont leave yourself unprotected, though! Replace the antivirus with Avira Free Edition, or if you want to spend a bit of cash, go to Bullguard. Both provide excellent protection and the PC wont slow down. Windows XP and Vista both have a firewall 'built in'. This firewall is adequate for the threats you are likely to encounter.

Norton can be removed using 'Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs', but if this fails, a Norton removal tool can be downloaded which can completely and cleanly remove Norton applications from your system.

Don't hesitate to phone or email the Paisley PC Doctor for advice and/or a free quote.

To keep your PC safe, use 'Windows Update' regularly. Install AVG Free Antivirus and enable your windows firewall. Also use common sense when deciding whether to download software from untrustworthy websites.