Case Study 2 - Liquid Spillage on a Laptop

Liquid spilled on a desktop PC keyboard is not as serious as you might think. In all likelihood, you will probably just need a new keyboard (cheap).

However- LAPTOPS are a different story. Almost all the vital components of your laptop live under the keyboard. If you spill liquid on that- you could be in serious trouble.

The pictures below are of a small circuit board damaged when liquid (coca-cola) was spilled on the laptop. The liquid has corroded the circuit board, caused several short circuits and overheating has caused secondary damage to solder connections in the affected areas.

The circuit board was cleaned and the components were all re-soldered. The damage was successfully repaired.

The Paisley PC Doctor is fully trained and equipped to repair/solder even the most intricate surface mount electronic circuits.

Another happy customer!!

Repaired circuit board with penny (for scale).

Before After
Transistor, capacitors and an IC with shorted out terminals Transistor, capacitors and IC, cleaned and re-soldered.
close-up of IC with shorted terminals. close-up of IC with terminals cleaned and re-soldered
corroded pcb 'via' and test point cleaned and re-tinned 'via' and test point.
corroded solder point cleaned and re-tinned solder point
corroded and shorted ribbon lead cleaned and repaired ribbon lead.

WARNING: If you spill liquid on your laptop, you should IMMEDIATELY unplug the charger and remove the battery- damage is MUCH worse if electricity is present! In addition (assuming you spilled liquid on your keyboard) you should open the laptop as wide as it will go and place upside down on a table for several hours. This will hopefully prevent the liquid penetrating down to the VERY expensive main board. If you can contain the damage to just the keyboard- you will be much happier! Seek help as soon as possible, the damage can get very severe with time and may become irreparable.