Helpful Links

AVIRA Antivirus - Download the free version of this EXCELLENT Antivirus. It is the is free with no strings attached.

Numion - A great website for testing your brodband speed. Check what your actually getting from your provider. Most BT line based broadbands promise (UP TO) 8megabit but deliver closer to 2megabit. Go check it out.

Red Sun Media - An excellent company (locally based) which provides web design, Professional CD Duplication/pressing and promotional printing. All my leaflets, stickers stationary are printed by Red Sun- and I'm a fussy begger!

Virgin Media Broadband - If you are lucky enough to live in a Virgin Media area (formerly ntl or Telewest), but get your broadband through a BT line- you need your head examined!! Virgin broadband is faster and more reliable- BT line (ADSL) based broadband is a second choice.

Norton Removal Tool - If you have Norton- you should consider removing it (see my section about Norton in my 'Help' page. If you are having trouble uninstalling Norton- this tool will completely and cleanly remove Norton from your PC.

More links will be regularly added

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