PC Service & Tune Up

The PC service takes a total of 4-6 hours labour*
and currently costs just £40!!

It is also usually collected and returned the following day!

The service includes:

- Virus & Spyware removal.
- Hardware tested.
- Interior Dust removed.
- Temporary files Cleared.
- Registry checked, cleaned and optimised.
- Boot-up sequence optimised.
- ALL windows updates installed.
- Drivers updated.
- Drives defragmented (if necessary).
- Internet connection optimised.
- Antivirus & other security software installed.

This is a very popular service which has a dramatic effect on your computer speed and reliability!

Phone or email to discuss or to arrange.

*How can £40 for a 4-6 Hour job be viable?
Simple- do several computers at the same time. The workshop is set up to work on up to eight computers at the same time. When one is doing a virus scan- another is getting dusted etc. Bit like spinning plates :-) This is why it is preferable to collect/return for a service. To service a pc in your premises is possible, but would be either more expensive or less thorough.